Still walking

Vermont Inn-to-Inn was a wonderful experience that we would recommend to others. We continue to walk together, up the mountains, outside of our homes in the beautiful Berkshires. Photo by Mary Lynn from Williamstown, Massachusetts


On our first day, in extreme heat, we took the walk to the Pinnacle and were rewarded with the most amazing view. Well worth it! Photo by Mary Lynn from Williamstown, Massachusetts


Before we embarked on our adventure we shared our story with a local group of women. They loved the idea of Vermont Inn-to-Inn, but most of them were not able to participate. The ladies provided us with a nickname MAROSA – Short for Mary Lynn, Rosemary and Sandy. We received lots of support while we … Read more

Shopping While Hiking – Why Not?

We had lots of fun exploring the Vermont Store, but the best part of the visit was the delicious maple creamie! Unfortunately we ate the ice cream before this photo was taken! The maple creamie was delicious! Photo by Rosemary from Williamstown, Massachusetts

Time to Chill

One of our favorite times of the day was arriving at each inn. First a relaxing soak or shower. Next a refreshing cocktail and snack provided by the innkeepers. Ahhhhh! Photo by Rosemary from Williamstown, Massachusetts

Scavenger Hunt

The directions provided by Vermont Inn to Inn was more like a scavenger hunt! When the turns were unmarked by street signs, directions aided us with visual descriptions to help us find our way. We consider ourselves directionally challenged, yet we never got lost! Photo by Sandy from Williamstown, Massachusetts

Photo Contest