Sister Reunion plus 7 friends

Every year my 2 sisters and I have a sister reunion somewhere in the country. Because of our stories and the fun we have during our trips, our girlfriends got very jealous and wanted to join us. My sister Maryann had read in her Yankee Magazine about the Vermont Inn to Inn walk and we decided in 2017 to invite as many friends as possible and do this walk!! So, 10 ladies from around the country embarked on an epic sister reunion journey with us with the intention to have as much fun as possible all the while exercising and eating our way through the beautiful state of Vermont. Afterwards, everyone said it was the best time they had ever had on a trip with a bunch of ladies. The scenery was awesome, the hospitality at each Inn was phenomenal, the food was plentiful, and the memories will last forever.

Photo by Kathleen from Rochester, MA

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